1. When two of my favorite things collide….MORE COWBELL!!!

  2. Just love this!  And need a sticker for the scooter and my car!  And you can still call me Wattie.  I don’t mind one bit when it comes from a friend.  :-)


    This is just for @WhenToyzAttack, my long time friend from childhood (we’re talking single-digit age here, folks) Michelle Wattie (she’ll always be a Wattie to me).  She’s a zombie fan.  

    I took this picture just moments ago.  It’s one of the maintenance guy’s vehicle (he also lives on property).  When I noticed the sticker on his Jeep, I immediately thought of Michelle, and told her recently I would get a picture of this.  I still giggle every time I see it.

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  3. Start living without fear (by Boy_Wonder)

    Sent to me by ernestsewell because he knows how much I love photography and of course, zombies!  Just love, love, love this!

  4. Because my friend knows I’m a part-time zombie.  :-)


    For Michelle Wattie.

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  6. Gotta love it!



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  7. My feelings, exactly!