1. blackhistoryalbum:


    A couple at a dance, 1960, Diane Arbus.

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    What a beautiful photo.

  2. I love this photo!  Do you remember the bookmobile? 

  3. Craig Taylor’s macro insect series.  Sublime!

  4. Great photo

    (Source: nickdrake, via greatgrottu)

  5. Start living without fear (by Boy_Wonder)

    Sent to me by ernestsewell because he knows how much I love photography and of course, zombies!  Just love, love, love this!

  6. Ominous looking photo I shot a few months ago to match the mood today. Hate it when the tornado threat is so high. 

  7. Just a photo I took the other day of some wild horses near Bartlesville. 

  9. Oh my, this one was so amazing that it made me teary-eyed.  Watch this video about photographer and artist, Peter Eckert.

  10. imgfave:

    discovered on imgfave.com (social image bookmarking)