1. magictransistor:

    Ralph Steadman; Through The Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There (Lewis Carroll), 1972.

    Such a fan of Ralph Steadman!

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  2. I’m a little mesmerized by these!

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  3. 너무 좋아 by Hanna Kim

    Oil on canvas

  4. ghostco:

    I took what little free time I had over the last few days to finish this drawing. It’s been so long since I went overboard on a “personal” piece, that I have almost forgotten how to do it. This is definitely one of those cases in which I had to force myself to not overwork it. 

  5. neverstopdrawing:

    “Color Drops” - Viccolatte

  6. ofpaperandponies:


    Neither the lion nor the man with folded wings have any business being on this bridge.
     They embody the melancholy of those who know that real life is always something else, something that does not exist.

    -Magritte, 1940

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  7. Love it!


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  8. I could watch this all day!