1. Good to remember.  Nothing stays the same, and that isn’t always a bad thing. 

  2. Craig Taylor’s macro insect series.  Sublime!

  3. A place to rest.

  4. I just love Einstein!  Get creative…and then pass it on!

  5. Great photo

    (Source: nickdrake, via greatgrottu)

  6. I really work with the most amazing people! Birthday cupcakes! (Taken with instagram)

  7. And another shot of my #Halloween make-up! Get you scare on tonight! (Taken with instagram)

  8. Getting ready for the Halloween Extravaganza! Happy Haunting! (Taken with instagram)

  9. Cake for my Halloween party! Devil’s Food w/ orange buttercream icing! (Taken with instagram)

  10. More from Mad Dog of Tulsa (Taken with instagram)