1. Countdown to #HungerGames! Absolutely. Cannot. Wait. #Haymitch

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  2. Multipass!  Yes!  #LucBessonRules

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  3. Isn’t there just a little Jekyll & Hyde in all of us? 

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  4. Sometimes, I struggle with the art of smile & nod! 


    The Art of Smile & Nod

  5. Counting down the days until #HungerGames!

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  6. ghostco:

    I took what little free time I had over the last few days to finish this drawing. It’s been so long since I went overboard on a “personal” piece, that I have almost forgotten how to do it. This is definitely one of those cases in which I had to force myself to not overwork it. 

  7. One of my faves. 


    Cormac McCarthy - writer - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    © Jim Herrington

  8. Dying to see THE HUNGER GAMES! 

  9. When two of my favorite things collide….MORE COWBELL!!!

  10. Nightstalker!!! Oh Kolchak, your suit is so groovy!

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